the cast of characters.

Allow myself to introduce….myself.  Before we get started, let’s get acquainted with the circus freaks who will be appearing in these road trip adventures…

Little W, the ringleader.  She will be the voice behind most of the posts, which means right now she is talking about herself in the third person.  How freaking pretentious!

Sir Dad, the lion tamer. Former business owner.  Current adventure seeker.  Flute maker and player.  Future homesteader.  That’s the back of his head in the banner.


Elsie, the dancing bear. She is our eldest rescue mutt.  She’s fearful of most everything.  She is like the little kid that hides behind her mom when being introduced to new people, clinging to mom’s pants for dear life.  She does that dancing bear thing when it’s dinner time.  You know the one where they stand on their hind legs?  Our biggest worry with her will be that she may have a nervous breakdown from being taken out of her comfort zone.  Hopefully she will take to all the new sights and smells of the road.


Camille, the circus monkey. She is our youngest rescue mutt.  She is afraid of nothing.  She is like the kid who will try anything because she thinks she is invincible.  She hops and prances, not really like a monkey, but I call her that anyway.  Our biggest fear with her will be that she will get into it with someone that is bigger than her, and lose.  Or that she will run off after a critter, never to return.  Hopefully she will remember who is feeding her while we are out there and stay close.

Stay tuned for the next post, where we outline our plan.  Stick around, this is going to get interesting.

~little w

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3 Responses to the cast of characters.


    W0w- Wendy- just read about your adventure. I think what you are doing is totally amazing and inspiring to say the least. – I can’t imagine how rewarding this trip will be for you and your family. – Jeff

  2. marciadavis says:

    Love this blog. Can’t wait to read the whole story. Having our fury “kids” is a gift to any of us who know the value of their unconditional love.

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