on the road. finally.

Day 4

Days Remaining 361

States Visited: 3

Day One- We camped in Tennessee at a beautiful campground.  Hardly anyone there.  We were entertained by our neighbors a few camp sites down with some beautiful live music.  Guitar, bass, and violin.  Country music never sounded so good.

Camille scratches the ticks away by the fire at our camp in Tennessee.

Day Two and Three- Because it was a holiday weekend, we decided to stay at the camp site in Missouri we settled at for 2 days.  We had a long drive, and bypassed the park we had planned on staying at, so we ended up at a “camping resort.”  We learned that the word “resort” translates to “overpriced.”  But, they had showers!  Best 50 cents we ever spent.

Our camp along the Huzzah river in Missouri.

Eric snoozes in the hammock with Crackhead (story on that later).

Today- We are on our way to Nebraska.  We have the next 2 parks picked out, so hopefully no repeat of what happened in Missouri.  There’s this great web site called freecampsites.net that I have been using.  It led us to our first park, which was a real winner, so hopefully the next one will be just as nice.

The dogs nap in the car while we drive.

For those of you who are wondering, the dogs are doing great.  We’ve been tying them up while at camp (most places require it) and they haven’t acted up, except for the occasional barking from Elsie when she hears male voices.  By the time bedtime comes around they are so exhausted that they sleep through the night.

We should be at camp by 5pm this evening.  Tomorrow, Colorado!

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6 Responses to on the road. finally.

  1. adwhite17 says:

    Yay! It sounds like your travels are going well (besides the overpriced campsite – boo!). Thanks for letting us tag along on your journey:)

  2. Alicia DeMichael says:

    So awesome to hear about your adventures so far! Paul says hello and we both wish you the best…. can’t wait to see more of crackhead.. hee hee!

  3. jray says:

    I’m so jellious u guys r gone living life as it comes to u. Looks like things r going well so far. I can’t wait to keep reading about all the new adventures that comes ur way. Oh yea! Wendy. Send me a pic of ur pit hairs when u grow them out…lol

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