escape from tent city.


358 days left

States Visited: 5

Well, it’s never boring that’s for sure.  While camping in Colorado our littlest one, Camille, made a break for it.  Let me back up first.

Cacha la Poudre River. Colorado camp.

We got this screened in shelter, and together with our tent and our “shower room” we call it our own private “tent village.”  We first tried out the screened-in room at our Colorado camp.  The girls seemed to stay in it ok, with the exception of Elsie, but she comes when we call her.  Camille is another story.

I was dropping off some trash at the dumpster and on my way back, I see Camille darting across the parking lot, headed straight for the highway.  The curvy highway.  The curvy highway that if someone was driving too fast around they wouldn’t see Camille until it was too late.  She ran across the street.  Cars were passing by.  Before I knew it she was running back towards me, but ran right by me and towards Big Dad, who was in the parking lot. He scooped her up and carried her back to camp.  When I think back on it, I realize how lucky we were that she did not get hit by a car.  Whose idea was it again to bring these dogs?


Anyway, our Colorado camp was beautiful.  Right next to a roaring river.  The weather was perfect the day we arrived, but rained for the remainder of our stay there.  It managed to clear up a little the morning we planned on leaving, so we decided to take a hike before we got back on the road.  We drove to a trailhead we passed on our way to camp.  The information at the trailhead was a little intimidating, explaining about what to do if you encounter a mountain lion.  That’s right, I said mountain lion.  Luckily, we did not have to use this information.  Colorado is definitely my favorite state so far.  Our camp was close to the quaint little college town of Fort Collins.

We are currently in Wyoming at a park in the city of Landers.  The park is very well kept and clean.  There are many tent campers here.  And best of all, FREE camping.  We may be here for a couple days, as the weather forecast at our next stop, Yellowstone, doesn’t look too hot for the weekend.  We hope to visit Old Faithful.

Only a few more states to pass through before we get to Washington.

Drive through Wyoming.

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