mountain climber’s festival in lander.

July 8th, 9th, 10th

Lander, Wyoming

Are you ever in a situation where you think to yourself, “Boy, am I lucky.  I couldn’t have planned this any better!”  Well, in Lander, Wyoming we found ourselves in such a situation.

The city park in Lander was populated with many mountain climbing campers!

The free campground we picked out turned out to not only be gorgeous and clean, but it also had a Mountain Climbing festival going on all weekend.  Our first full day there they had some goings-on right there in the park.  Live music, vendors such as Mountain Hardware, Honest Tea, and a local brewery were there to entertain.  They also had free burritos one night and free breakfast the morning we left.

Mountain Climbing festival in Lander City Park

The girls had a great time socializing with other dogs and people.  Elsie did great off the leash, but after “escape from tent city,” Camille was banished to be tied to a tree.  She was fine, though.  The guy in the next tent over had a little Chihuahua/Lab mix named “Spanky” that the girls really took a liking to.  He was super cute!

Base camp tent by Mountain Hardware. Sticker price $4,500! We dubbed it the "biodome!"

We stayed in Lander for a few days and enjoyed the wonderful weather and the cute little Main Street area.  Then we headed for Yellowstone.

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