We are pretty lucky people.  We have great friends and family who are being totally supportive of this crazy adventure, and we wanted to take a moment to thank some of you here.

Camping in Lander, Wyoming

To Mom and Dad Russ (Wendy’s Parents)- As soon as they heard of our plans, my prepared mother put together a well-stocked first aid kit for us.  I already used the sewing kit inside of it to repair holes in the tent screen (thanks Camille and Elsie!!) and Eric got use out of the Benedryl after being bit by some unknown insect resulting in a swollen bite mark on his arm.  My parents have also helped in countless other ways, but every time we use the first aid kit, I think of my mom, and how she is right here with us still putting band aids on my boo boos like when I was little.

Picture perfect at Yellowstone

To Mom and Dad Conrad (Eric’s parents)- Seriously, the TomTom is probably the one thing I would say we could not do without on this trip.  It gets us where we need to go, and if we need to find the closest gas station, the TomTom is on it.  I didn’t think we would use it as much as we are, but it is amazing what piece of mind this little gadget has given us.  Of course, Eric’s parents have supported us and our decision to go on this trip in many other ways, but the TomTom is a daily reminder of this and of them.  Thanks!

Eric Wayne gathers wood

Alice and Paul- Our new friends that we met at Chevelle’s in Murphy are so cool.  Even though we have only known them for a short time, they have been very generous.  They allowed us to pick through their camping gear and take whatever we wanted that we thought we would use.  The one thing I am glad we did take is the Coleman camping stove.  We use it every night to cook dinner, and every morning for Eric’s coffee.  Again, another thing I thought we wouldn’t use that much, but boy am I glad we brought it!  Every time we eat I think of our new friends, and how glad I am that we met them.  Not just because of the stove (although that’s reason enough!) but because I know we will have a lasting friendship.  Thanks, Alice and Paul!

And thanks to everyone who visits and comments on the blog.  Although we are out here having the adventure of a lifetime, it is nice to still feel connected to friends and family back home.  Keep those comments coming, it really helps us to know you are all following along!

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8 Responses to gratitude.

  1. Ma says:

    Love all the pics! The blog helps us follow along. Sounds like you are having a great adventure!

  2. Dad Russ says:

    This is great. Love the pics. Have a wonderful trip.
    Love you guys
    Ma and Pa

  3. Alicia DeMichael says:

    Awwww…. you almost made me cry! We are blessed to have met you and Eric and are also very glad that fate brought us together as friends. We love reading your blogs about your adventure! ❤

  4. Moondancer says:

    Oh what lovely photos, it sounds as though you are having the time of your life. It’s something I would really love to do with my daughter when she’s a little older, and things aren’t as hectic for myself.

    We do have plenty of time outs now, and we’re fortunate that we do live on about 4 acres of land. We have lovely friends that have more if we really want to go on a grand adventure. 😉

    It’s good to have family and new friends that look out for you. Your new friends sound a lot like my neighbors. I took my daughter camping, for the first time, when she was three years old. They are seasoned campers and offered me all sorts of things for our adventure.

  5. jray says:

    I’m so glad u guys r having fun. Its fun to read about yalls trip. I look forward to it when I get home from work

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