Ok, let me explain the history of Crackhead.  Eric bought him as a gift for me.  He is sort of like a Beanie Baby knock-off.  His expression just isn’t quite right, and that’s exactly why Eric got him.

Crackhead helps gather firewood.

He’s been with us on other trips, and we have photos somewhere of him with us in Bush Gardens on the roller coasters, and doing other touristy things.  We knew when we started planning this trip that he would definitely be joining us, and appearing in photos as we go along.

Crackhead and Elsie trade campfire recipes.

Crackhead hasn’t made it into as many pictures as I thought, but I’m trying to get better.  He likes to have his picture taken.  Feel free to start a fan club if you like.

Crackhead helps with dinner, Idaho camp.

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4 Responses to crackhead.

  1. amy lake says:

    Wendy, Each day I can’t wait to open my mail to see what new adventures and stories you have posted. I love the Crackhead does dinner etc. idea. So many possibilities! We are all traveling with you! Post EVERYTHING both good and bad. Life is such an adventure!

  2. I have a plastic dinosaur named Bob, and he accompanies me on my travels as well! I keep meaning to start a fan page for him, because I have enough friends that have helped out at this point that they would get a kick out of it. Bob has hiked Machu Picchu with me, been all over Europe (with a friend, alas, I couldn’t go) and around the U.S. I completely forgot to take pictures on my vacation earlier this month and have been kicking myself. Bob has also survived the rigors of being my daughter’s favorite toy – a grand feat in and of itself.

    Keep the Crackhead photos coming, I love it!

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