trout lake, wa

July 20th, 21st, 22nd

Dear Best Western in Marysville, We love you.  Signed, Wendy & Eric

The Best Western we stayed at last night was awesome.   Extra pillows, big buffet breakfast, and large king sized bed.  Definitely wins over the Super 8.

Crackhead enjoys the Best Western in Marysville

Space Needle

We got on the road and headed towards Seattle.  We figured we would pop in and take a picture of the Space Needle before heading to Trout Lake.  Seattle is a cool city.  Definitely a place we could both spend some time in.  The downtown area is nice and right along the water.  They also had a huge market area with a park nearby.  We wanted to stop and hang out, but we had a long drive to get to Trout Lake.

The Trailhead B&B in Trout Lake, WA is another location we found on  It’s not free, but $10 a night, which is a bargain for what you get.  Pulling up you see the flower and veggie garden, and the old barn that has been converted to a common area kitchen with a dance hall upstairs.  They have weddings here sometimes, and they were preparing for a wedding that following weekend.

Hanging out at Trout Lake camp with view of Mount Adams

Mary and Patrick are a charming couple.  We chatted for a while then set up camp in the huge meadow behind their house.   What an amazing view.  I mean, we are talking breathtaking.  As we set up camp, their grandson was playing electric guitar, and the music filled the entire meadow.  Totally celestial.  The air was completely still, we were looking at this amazing snow-capped mountain, with the sounds of electric guitar for a soundtrack.  It was awe inspiring.   We set up camp, made some grub, and settled in for star gazing.

The next day we took to some sight seeing, not exactly sure where we were going.  We ended up in a small river-side town called Bingen right along the Columbia River and the Oregon border.  We walked around a bit, and came upon a little restaurant called the Solstice Wood Fire Café.  They had outside seating, and we had the place to ourselves so the dogs were loving it.  Our server, Kate, even brought them each a biscuit and water bowl.  I had the portabello Panini and Eric had the baked ziti.  We each cleaned our plates.  Kate clued us in on some things to see around town, and we decided to drive along the river to watch the kite and wind surfers.  There were what seemed like hundreds of them doing their thing in Columbia River.  We watched for awhile then got back on the road.

We came upon Riggleman’s Fruit Stand in White Salmon.  They had gorgeous local fruit and vegetables.  We got enough veggies for dinner and breakfast the next day, all for under seven bucks.  We were delighted!

View of Mount Adams from our tent

There are many other things to do around Trout Lake that we didn’t have time for.  Wineries line the Columbia River and surrounding area.  There are tons of hiking and biking trails around.  Kayaking is also big here with the river close by.  And within a days drive is Mount Saint Helens.  It’s gorgeous country here, and we wished we could have stayed longer.  Perhaps next time.

Columbia River Gorge

This morning we packed up and made breakfast before heading out.  We said farewell to our wonderful hosts, and talked of a return trip someday.  Off to Portland we go, then hopefully we will find a suitable camp location along the coast somewhere.  Goodbye Washington, hellloooo Oregon!

Bye, Mount Adams! We'll be back!

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3 Responses to trout lake, wa

  1. Alicia DeMichael says:

    Must have been difficult to leave this place.. pictures are amazing! Glad you are having a nice experience after the “not as expected” one at the farm. Sometimes diversions are a good thing;)

    stay well,

  2. Wendy and Eric: I have never been out west. I am living vicariously through you and your carefree adventures. I’ve always wanted to be able to do that, but, alas, kids and that environment don’t exactly mix – IMHO. So, thanks for blogging about it! Enjoy!

  3. Debbie Baugh says:

    I’m sad that I’m just now reading your blog. I can’t believe you were in Portland and didn’t call. I would have loved to see you and have you stay with us….a free place to stay and some home cooked meals. Reading through these blogs I can see that you had quite an adventure. Driving cross country is an amazing adventure in just one week. I can only imagine what it’s like when you take more time to stop and see more of it.

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