coastal oregon

July 22nd & 23rd

Trout Lake was beautiful.  But, we’re on the road again.  We passed through Portland and had planned to park and walk around a bit, but we weren’t impressed.  It was alot dirtier than Seattle and Vancouver, and they had a beer festival going on so it was very crowded.  Who does a beer festival on a Thursday anyway?  Plus Eric said the city smelled like vomit.  And we saw a crazy lady talking to herself.  Well, it was more like shouting.

China Town, maybe? In Portland

So, we made a bee line for the coast to take the scenic route to our next camp.  We weren’t sure where that would be.  We were shooting for somewhere around Newport.  There are alot of state parks around.  The coast is beautiful.  It was nice to see the ocean again.

Coastal Oregon

I guess the west coast doesn’t know it’s July, because it’s 65 degrees here.  When we got to camp, which was a little park off the main highway, the wind was really whipping.  We were all freezing. I even had to put Camille’s sweater on because she was shaking.  We set up, had our gourmet dinner of ABCs & 123s and rice with peas and carrots, then turned in and watched some TV on the lap top.

Lighthouse along the coast in Oregon

This morning we woke up and broke down camp.  Right now we are in Florence, OR using the wifi at McDonald’s.  Pretty much everywhere has wifi these days, not just coffee shops.  We hope to make it to California today to camp at Redwood National Park.

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One Response to coastal oregon

  1. suz says:

    Wow! Sounds like you guys are having quite an adventure. I was surprised to read that you would consider moving closer to family. Would that be south Florida then? Are you still planning on staying on the road a full year? Continue to have a safe and wonderful trip. I look forward to following you in your blogs!

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