cape blanco, or.

July 23rd & 24th

We didn’t quite make it to California, but that’s ok.  We traveled down the coast of Oregon, and figured since it was Friday and it was getting to be late afternoon, we’d better bed down somewhere before all the campgrounds were full.  We got the last site at Cape Blanco State Park, located near an old lighthouse.  The weather was sunny and crisp, until we got closer to Cape Blanco.  A thick fog covered the place and it was very windy.  After a day or so there, we nick named it “the place of sand and fog.”  It must have been 20 degrees warmer in town.

Sand blows into a tide pool at the beach near our campsite.

We decided to stay 2 nights because it was the weekend, and because this place not only had showers, but a water source and electric hook up at every campsite!  We got to plug in and charge all of our gadgets.  Each site was very secluded, with foliage creating a cove-like affect.  The only thing was the weather.  Windy, foggy, cold.  It was so cold and windy that the last night we were there we went to a park in town to cook dinner.  Eric asked the park ranger if the weather was always like this.  He explained that because the cape is the most western point in Oregon, it almost has its own weather separate from where the highway is.

Saturday we spent the day at Battle Rock Beach near camp.  It was windy and cold there, too, but at least it was sunny and by the time we left I was able to take my sweater off.  We even saw a whale and her calf off the coastline.  It was amazing.  Not like the beaches back in Florida.

At the beach with dogs. Notice we are all wearing sweaters.

We have started a rock collection, trying to take one rock from all the places we visit.  Wherever we settle down we will display them in a little rock garden to remind us of our 2010 road trip.  I got the idea from my dad.  I try and bring him a rock from all the places we visit, and he has them in a rock garden around his little fishpond back in Florida.  They’ve got cool rocks along the Oregon coast!  Don’t worry, Dad, I got one for you!

The dogs loved the beach!  They so wanted to chase the seagulls, but we had them restrained.

Battle Rock Beach

It’s amazing all the geographical wonders that are here in America.  I’m so glad we are taking this time to see them in person.  We still have much to see.

Tomorrow we head for California.  A visit to Yosemite is definitely on the itinerary.

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7 Responses to cape blanco, or.

  1. Ma says:

    Fabulous pics! Glad you are following thru with the rock collection..make them small LOL! Continue to keep us posted on email …we are enjoying following along on this blog.

    Love, Ma & Pa

  2. Sosae says:

    Wendy! I’m so ridiculously excited and overjoyed for you guys! I get all kinds of happy chills! 🙂 Even if you don’t head all the way south right now, hope you decide to before the year’s up. 🙂 It’s boiling hot and dry over here right now, but Fall brings better weather. Happy trails, my friend!

  3. Happy Introvert says:

    Your pictures are breathtaking! They are seriously making us want to take a trip to the West Coast. Have a safe trip to California!

    • conradvisionquest says:

      thanks, amanda! it’s hard to take bad pictures when mother nature provides us with such material… ;)w

  4. Adena says:

    I need rocks too!!!

  5. Pat says:

    I see you were at Cape Blanco Oregon, we too have been there and spent some time there in 2009. I wrote about it in my blog at hope you got to see as much as we did while you were there. This is the first time for me to visit this site but I will be back!

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