gratitude, part two

Watching the sun go down at Paradise Point

This trip has definitely given us a new appreciation for the little things.  Showers, clean clothes, Internet, sleeping in your own bed.  I also miss being able to cook in my own kitchen.  Camp food just doesn’t cut it all the time, but we do treat ourselves once in awhile to take out.

Although there are many things I miss about the conventional life we left behind, I am also swelling with gratitude for the opportunity to take this trip.  Most people live their entire lives and don’t get to see what we have seen.  Sometimes I have to stop myself when I am wishing I could just have a shower, and realize where I am and what we are doing.  It’s the trip of a lifetime.  I know many people don’t understand what we are doing, and we didn’t even know how things would go when we left Blairsville.  We still don’t know how this story will end.  But I do know I will never regret leaving our old life for the road.

Eric at Paradise Point

Right now I am watching the sun set off the Oregon coast.  Eric is walking along the beach enjoying this time of day.   The dogs lay sleeping in the back seat.  It’s a peaceful time.  I can feel the awesomeness of nature as the sun slowly sinks into the Pacific Ocean.  There is no place I would rather be.

Paradise Point sunset

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One Response to gratitude, part two

  1. Adena says:

    I for one am envious of your adventure. Keep the details coming. Be safe and enjoy!

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