eureka! get me outta here…

Coastal Northern California is foggy and windy and cold.  Not really the best weather when you are tent camping.  We stayed at a Quality Inn in Eureka, CA.  And I use the word “quality” here loosely.  They were knocking on our door and calling the room at 11:58 (check out time is at noon) asking if we were leaving soon.  Ok ok we’re leaving!  The apple that we took from the breakfast room was rotten.  It wasn’t the most efficient use of a hotel stay.  I also imagine they call it Eureka because when people realize where they are they say, “Eureka, I’ve got to get the hell out of this town!”  Not much going on there.

We continued south towards San Francisco and stayed at a campground we found at near Fort Bragg.  It was off the main road and we had to take a gravel road to get there.  Once we got there Eric checked in with the campground host, whom he described as a “tatted up bum who was probably on drugs.”  We picked out our site and set up camp.  When we walked around collecting firewood, we noticed at the campsite across from us there was a half-eaten chocolate cake and a cardboard sign that read “out of gas.”  No tent, no camper, just a tarp and some pillows.  This raised an eyebrow.  We even considered leaving, but we had set up and decided to stick it out for the night and leave first thing in the morning.  We made dinner and turned in.

Not long after that a camper full of rowdy folks pulled into the chocolate cake campsite and were up for a few hours being loud.  But, it’s all part of the adventure, right?

Next stop… San Francisco (with pictures this time)!

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2 Responses to eureka! get me outta here…

  1. Adena says:

    It’s all part of the adventure. :). My cousins uncle owns a bar in Eureka. Had I known you were going I would have told ya to stop in there.

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