redwoods and sea lions and turkey, oh my!

July 27th & 28th

The drive through northern California is nice.  Lots of Redwood around.  These trees are gorgeous when they are allowed to mature.

View of San Francisco Bay on the drive up Mount Tam

Next camp was at Mount Tamalpais State Park, about 30 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge.  We had to drive up a mountain to get there which is never fun.  Think winding roads, hairpin turns, and a carful of camping equipment and dogs.  We got there early afternoon, set up and made lunch.  Then we went into the city to Fisherman’s Wharf.  We all were having sensory overload.  The place was packed with people.  But we got great pics of Alcatraz and the sea lions.  We had our fill of the action then went back to camp and made dinner in the freezing wind.

For my safety? What could possibly happen if I climbed the "Big Noodle?"

Next morning we packed up early (Eric met up with a turkey while brushing his teeth!) and went back into the city to meet up with Eric’s friend for breakfast.  We went to this Creperie and the crepe I had (the Milano) was freakin’ amazing!  Then we went to the dog park for a bit before getting back on the road.  San Francisco is cool, but big and very spread out.  It’s also hard to navigate your way around if you’re not familiar.

Alcatraz as seen from Fisherman's Wharf

We headed towards San Jose to take a picture of the house Eric and his family lived in when he was little before moving to Florida.  Just part of the Conrad History.

House on Skylark Drive in San Jose, CA

We are now headed east towards Yosemite Park.  Adventure awaits!

Seals at Fisherman's Wharf

Bye Bye San Francisco!

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One Response to redwoods and sea lions and turkey, oh my!

  1. Adena says:

    I love the seal picture.

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