find a penny pick it up

July 30th

And all trip long you’ll have good luck!  We sure have been.  Flying by the seat of your pants hasn’t been as nerve-racking as I thought.  Many times we wake up not knowing where we will be sleeping that night, but we always manage to make do.  If you had told me a few years ago that I would be living like this for weeks at a time I wouldn’t have believed you.  I’ve always been a planner.  Challenging ourselves and doing the opposite is a big part of why I wanted to go on this trip.

Camille enjoys a nap in her very own bed at the Best Western Hi-Desert Inn

But back to the penny.  The universe has been sending us pennies lately.  At the last 3 or 4 camps, I’ve found a penny near the picnic table.  The first 2 were from the year 2000, one was from 1980, and this last one, which I found in the Best Western parking lot in Tonopah, was from 2003.  I took note of the years thinking they might mean something, but these years seem pretty random.

The sun sets on Tonopah, NV

Tonopah is a funny little town with gorgeous sunsets.  We checked into our hotel at about 11:30am, so we had the entire day to relax.  Friday night we ventured out to find some dinner.  Tonopah doesn’t offer much.  McDonald’s, Subway, a Mexican place which we went to for lunch, and not much else.  We decided to go to the local grocery and pick up a few things and just rough it for dinner.  In our tour about town we got to see some crazy things, among which were the Clown Motel and the Donkey Dollar Store.  I knew you wouldn’t believe me, so I took pictures.

The Clown Motel in Tonopah. For reals.

That’s right, you heard me correctly.  The. Clown. Motel.  Is it run entirely by clowns, or is it that only clowns can stay here?  Eric so hoped that the person working the front desk was forced to dress as a clown.  I guess we should have stayed there.  After all, we are the traveling circus, right?!  We joked that they give you a balloon animal upon checking in.  The possibilities are freakin’ endless.  Let your imagination go wild!

Donkey Dollar Store in Tonopah

And the Donkey Dollar Store?  Selling donkeys for a dollar? Ok, I get it… It’s a mining town.  The donkey was probably used back in the day for stuff.  But the Donkey Dollar Store?  Eric said he wanted to open a place called just The Donkey Store.  I asked him what he would sell at The Donkey Store.  He said “stuff.”  In fact the tag line for the store is “We sell stuff.”

And that, my friends, concludes our tour of Tonopah, Nevada.

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One Response to find a penny pick it up

  1. Adena says:

    This was too funny! I am so glad you are enjoying this trip.

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