zion national park, UT

8/1 & 8/2

After leaving Cathedral Gorge, we headed towards Zion National Park in Utah.  We had heard great things about it and were excited to see it in person.  It was only a few hours drive from our last camp.

We got there early afternoon and were surprised to get a campsite just past the south entrance.  After setting up camp and paying for one night, we looked through the information we received at the entrance and were disappointed to learn that the one long road in the park where all the points of interest are was closed to private vehicles and open to the shuttle buses only (no dogs allowed!).  Had we known this we probably wouldn’t have stayed in the park.  But we decided to make the best of it and went on the road that we could go on.  It was a long curvy mountain road that was under construction.  At this point we were put off by Zion.

Yes, there are breathtaking canyon views in Zion that you can’t see anywhere else.  Yes, we know we have dogs and if we didn’t we could move about the park freely.  But, at the end of travel days when we are usually tired and hungry we tend to be a bit cranky.  After snapping a few photos and getting back down the mountain, we decided that I would go on the shuttle bus and see a few of the sights.  Eric would stay back at camp with the dogs and relax.

I got on the shuttle bus about a half a mile from camp and took it all the way to the last stop.  I was looking for the stop that had the petroglyphs that Eric read about online.  The tour didn’t mention them, so after walking around at the last stop, I decided to get back on the shuttle and ask someone at the Zion Museum.  It turned out that what I was looking for was right across the street from our campground.  I thought that was odd that this feature of the park was so secretive and not marked.

I walked back to camp to find Eric mending another hole in our tent screen.  He explained that he was resting in the tent with the dogs and Camille spotted another dog who was unleashed.  He tried to grab her by the leg, but she took off through the screen making a huge hole.  She ran around the campground for a bit, long enough to attract the attention of a park ranger and the camp host.  They reminded Eric that dogs are supposed to be leashed (we know!).  After mending the other few holes Camille has created in the screen, we were now out of thread.  We had to head back into town to get some and I finished mending the hole.  While I did that, Eric went to take a look at the petroglyphs.

Camille wears her hairpiece (end of my braid). Good thing she's so cute or Eric would have left her in Zion.

We ate dinner and turned in early.  The next morning we had a wonderful pancake breakfast, then packed up and were on the road by 10:30.  On our way out of the park, we asked a park ranger if there was somewhere else we could see the petroglyphs.  He explained that there are several areas in the park that have petroglyphs and pictographs, but because of past vandalism and possible future vandalism, that not all of the locations are made accessible to the public.  Such a shame that this is the case.  What the hell is wrong with people anyway?

View of Columbia River seen on our way to Sedona

We made it to Sedona and are staying at the Best Western tonight.  The drive was a little longer than 5 hours.  We didn’t get here soon enough, because I had a smashing headache.  Tomorrow when I’m feeling better we will explore what Sedona has to offer.

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2 Responses to zion national park, UT

  1. Robyn Tara says:

    Wow! Your trip looks like a dream. I have been dreaming of the American South and North West for a long time, so my head is spinning from your photos and stories. My husband and I are going across Canada for a few weeks in the Spring and hope to visit the Western States the year after, so thank you for the inspiration.

    And I saw Garbage Warrior and it’s fantastic. I’d take a home like that over a bloated Hollywood mansion in a nano second. Awesomeness!

    • conradvisionquest says:

      thanks for stopping by Robyn! the west is sooo beautiful and you will absolutely LOVE it! it’s so different from anywhere i have ever been. truly magical and right here in our own country. let me know if you have any questions when planning your own travels! ~w

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