sedona, az

After settling in to our room, Eric took this awesome sunset picture just outside our door.  Gorgeous!

The next morning after enjoying another Best Western continental breakfast, we headed out for the full day we had planned.  First, a hike at Bell Rock which took most of the morning.  It was late morning when we got started and getting hot.  By the time we were through there we were all spent, including the dogs.

Bell Rock

We ate lunch at a little place called the Blue Moon Cafe.  It was yum!  That cold apple juice hit the spot after our heated hike, and we were able to sit outside with the dogs.

View from Bell Rock

We then took a scenic drive to Javelina Leap Vineyard which was about a 25 minutes from where we were staying in Sedona.  Yes, they have vineyards in Arizona!  I’m pretty sure there is a vineyard in every state in the continental US.  It was a cute little boutique winery.  We did a tasting of the four wines they had available.  Eric was not impressed.  I liked the Barbera.  We left empty handed and went to browse the shops downtown.

Grapes growing at Javelina Leap Vineyard

By the end of the day we were all exhausted.  We are staying one more night in Sedona.  I’m not sure where we will be headed tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Fun Fact:  Sedona is the home to the only McDonald’s with teal arches instead of golden.  Click here to find out why.

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