bluewater lake state park, nm


It’s so hard to go back to camping, especially after TWO nights at a hotel.  But, we have to be frugal if we want to do the things we want before we get back to Georgia.

The drive to Bluewater Lake State Park from Sedona was nice and not too long.  We picked this park because it was about halfway from Sedona, AZ to Taos, NM.  Taos is the next and last place on our wish list of places to see.  We want to see an Earthship live and in person.

View of Bluewater Lake from our tent site

During most of the drive we were in Navajo Indian Reservation, and there were many places along the way to stop at look at locally made jewelry and crafts.  We stopped at a spot off the road where they were selling jewelry and I bought myself a little turquoise charm.  It was made by a Navajo/Zuni Indian and it’s in the shape of an arrow.  This fetish shape is supposed to mean protection through life’s journey.  I thought that was cool.

Warning: PG 13 activity captured in this photo! Camille makes herself at home at Bluewater Lake

We finally made it to Bluewater Lake State Park, which is beautiful.  We found a nice site that was right on the lake and had afternoon shade.  We both weren’t feeling the best, so we made dinner and walked down to the lake to pick out our rocks.

The sun melts into Bluewater Lake

The sunset was gorgeous.  We sat on a rock and watched the sun slowly set into the west, the same west that we just came from.  It was another grand performance from Mother Nature.

The next morning we made a pancake breakfast and hit the road for Taos.  We weren’t sure where we would be bedding down for the night.  Once we got closer to Taos and saw that a big thunder storm was coming, we decided to get a hotel.  We found a nice little local place, The Sagebrush Inn, for a really reasonable rate.  It was built in 1929 and is so charming!  All four of us are staying here for2 nights for the price of one night at our hotel in Sedona!  Sounds good to me.  Not only that, but we were upgraded to a suite because the front desk lady had the hots for Eric!  And there’s more: live music tonight and tomorrow night, and there’s a restaurant right in to hotel.  We probably won’t be leaving the Sagebrush to explore until tomorrow.

Not only do we plan to explore the Earthships in Taos, but we also want to browse the Historic District, a local Ghost Town, Taos Pueblo, and some local wineries.  Stay tuned for details!

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