taos, nm


Of all the places we have been, I think I like Taos the best.  Eric likes Sedona, with Taos at second place.  If we weren’t headed back east, I think I could stay here for awhile.

Our day started with a drive to visit the Earthship Visitor Center.  If you haven’t already seen it, I highly suggest you immediately rent the movie Garbage Warrior.  We saw it last year and were excited at the thought of seeing them in person.  Today we fulfilled that wish.

Entryway to the model Earthship

I really think the world is missing the boat, here.  If living this way is possible, everyone should be doing it to some degree.  One of the guys working on an Earthship in progress explained he pays about $100 A YEAR in utility bills because he lives off-grid.  Amazing.

Exterior walls of an Earthship made from recycled tires and colorful bottles

These homes are not traditional looking by any stretch of the imagination and might take a bit of getting used to for some, but I could totally see us living in an Earthship.

Rio Grande Gorge

After visiting the Earthships, we drove over the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and headed back to downtown Taos.  I wanted to visit the San Francisco De Asis Mission, the most photographed mission of it’s kind in the world.  Construction of the church was completed in 1815 and it has been a creative inspiration to famous artists such as Georgia O’Keefe and Ansel Adams.

San Francisco de Asis Church

We got there at the perfect time of day for taking pictures.  The light was just right.  After visiting the church, we went downtown and browsed the shops and ate lunch.  The girls did well again with all the people and noises and things to see.  After that we were spent and headed back to the hotel.

San Francisco de Asis Church

After lounging for awhile it was time for dinner.  We decided after last night’s meal at the hotel (we ordered fettucini alfredo with sauteed veggies; we got Lipton Pasta Sides with a can of green beans thrown in; we paid $12.95 for it!  the nerve!), that we would get some take out from one of the lovely restaurants we saw in town.  Thankfully we decided on Lula’s, a cute little cafe on the main drag.  The pasta special was divine and the mozzarella panini was delicious.  We even got a piece of cheesecake for dessert, which was also wonderful.  Even though it was so good, I miss having a kitchen and being able to cook yummy and healthy food for ourselves.

Tomorrow it’s back on the road again to head back east towards Georgia.  This adventure is slowing down, but we have new adventures ahead…

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4 Responses to taos, nm

  1. Adena says:

    So, what’s next on the adventure agenda?

  2. conradvisionquest says:

    our next adventure will be starting our new life down in florida. we are only a few days away from GA, then a few days after that i plan on heading south. 😉 w

  3. wendy lauber says:

    just got caught up on your pics wendy! love them! we just got back from a much smaller-scale road trip to ohio and north carolina. america is truly a beautiful place. i’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories and seeing your pics! thanks for sharing and hope you enjoy the rest of your adventure! 🙂 where in florida are you heading?

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