sunrise, sunset


As the sun sets here in Jackson, TN, we realize our adventure (at least this specific adventure) has come to an end.  What we thought would be a year turned out to be about 6 weeks, and that’s ok with us.  Plans change.

Tomorrow we will be back in Blairsville.  A few days later I will drive down to Florida to start transitioning back into “normal life.”  Job hunting. Settling down. Back into a routine.

It’s a bittersweet time.  Although we have had enough of packing up and moving to a new city, sometimes a new state, almost every day, I must say I will cherish this time we had on the road.  I’m so glad we took the plunge into the unknown and made these memories together.  And even though it turned out nothing like we had planned, I don’t regret a thing.  But now a new chapter must begin.

We are excited and scared about our new journey.  It’s the same feeling we had before we first got on the road back on July 2nd.  So many “what if’s?”  We have a plan, but undoubtedly, things will not go according to plan.  Again we are forging on into the unknown, but somehow I know we will land on our feet, just like we always do.

Thanks for following along.  We hope to see you on our next adventure.

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12 Responses to sunrise, sunset

  1. It’s been so wonderful reading your posts as you made your journey. Your trip has inspired us to do the same when my husband is out of school.

    • conradvisionquest says:

      i’m so glad you followed along and that we could be an inspiration to you! if you ever need any planning advice or have questions just let me know! i would be happy to share the ins and outs of road tripping. 😉

  2. Jessie Erickson says:

    Hey. I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog on your travels. Great photos! Be safe on your way back home and if you’re feeling froggy, drop in on our group at Chevelles on Wednesday. 🙂 Just like you said, everything is going to be just fine. Thanks for sharing and safe travels!!!

  3. Ellis says:

    it was awesome to follow your posts over the weeks! zoe says hi… what are your plans for florida? we are thinking of moving down, as well!

  4. Peggy Laney says:

    We have really enjoyed reading about your travels. Thanks for sharing with us. May you find much happiness as you continue on life’s neverending journey.

  5. Brett Mendell says:

    I had a great time following your adventures, too. Though, I was a little disturbed that Crackhead fell off the grid some time ago. It’s tough to lose a friend, even a special friend. Have a safe trip back. If you’re passing through Birmingham, give me a shout out. We’re holed up in the “Ham” for a bit longer. Then, we’re moving to NYC. Oh, the places you will go. By the way, I just concluded a job search myself. Despite the morose national news, the job market is picking up. I’m sure things will work out well. Take care.

    • conradvisionquest says:

      thanks for following, brett! crackhead is alive and well, it was just such a chore to keep up with another being. it was hard to remember to get him in the photos between two dogs, packing and unpacking and setting up tents… ugh. we are glad to be back on solid ground so to speak! good luck with your move. 😉

  6. wendy lauber says:

    i know you’ll be great! God bless you guys and hope all goes well! xoxo 🙂

  7. BILL & DONNA says:


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