Traveler’s Update

Hello, all! We are alive and well, and much has happened since we came off the road. I thought I would fill you in.

After reaching Georgia and taking care of a few things there, I headed south with the dogs (aka “the girls”). The plan was to board the dogs while I stay with my parents to look for work and find a place to live. Although my parents love the dogs, they did not want them living in their house, and I can’t say that I blame them. Dogs are messy and hairy.

Eric would stay behind in Georgia, and once I found work we would get a place to live and bail out the girls from doggie jail. This was the plan. But as we learned from our journey, things never go according to plan.

After a couple of weeks Eric was becoming restless and we were missing each other, so he joined me in Florida so we could be together and he could conduct a more practical job search. I joined a temp/staff service and got a week long temp job, then an interview, then a temp to hire position.

During these weeks living with my parents, we were missing the girls terribly. We didn’t want to go visit them because we didn’t want them to think they were coming with us. We thought it would do more harm than good.  We hadn’t planned on keeping them there that long, but days turned into weeks and it was hard for us to think of them in a concrete cell.

Because I got more stable work, we had now planned on looking for a place to live. Finally our plan to get the girls out sooner than later was about to come to be. The universe was about to speed up that plan.

It was a Friday that we were heading down to Plantation to visit with Eric’s parents for his dad’s 70th birthday. It was the same Friday that I learned I had gotten the temp to hire position. On our way down, we stopped at the boarding kennel to drop off a check. I wanted to keep up with that so when we did get them out the bill was not gigantic. While we were there, the girl explained that she was concerned about the girls’ weight. She wanted us to take a look. We explained that we didn’t want them to see us, so she let them outside and we peeked out the window. We were horrified with what we saw.

Elsie and Camille were both skin and bones. And I mean that literally. I’m not talking just a few ribs here, you could see their SPINES poking through their skin. Eric had to walk away at the sight of them.

After talking with the girl at the kennel, we decided to arrange to have them seen by a vet of our choosing. I explained that we would call with the vet’s name after I got a recommendation of someone local from my parents. We got back in the car and headed south to continue with our weekend plans.

The further we got from the kennel, the sicker my stomach felt. I now felt this urgency as my eyes welled with hot tears. Of course, we turned the car around and headed back to the kennel to get the girls. But where would we go? We decided for the time being we would get a hotel for the night and figure out the rest.

We picked up the girls, who didn’t seem to care that they hadn’t seen us for so long. The hopped in the car as if we had seen them yesterday. We took them straight to the vet’s office. Even the doctor and his staff were aghast with how thin the girls were. Elsie used to weigh close to 40 lbs, she was now closer to 30. Camille weighed 28 lbs. when we left Georgia in July. She now weighed 22. It was hard to see them like that. They seemed happy and their blood work came out perfect, but I wanted to have them checked out just to be sure.

As we checked into the hotel, it was as if we were back on the west coast. It all came rushing back. The feeling of adventure, of not knowing what was going to happen next. Although I wish the circumstances had been different, we were glad to all be together again.

After a weekend of looking at a few crappy houses, some nice apartments, and a brand new townhouse, we finally found a house to rent. It’s much bigger than what we need and it has carpet rather than tile, but it was the only thing we could find that we could move right into that wasn’t a dump. Luckily we have the generous support of my parents, and were able to move in within days. We didn’t have to live in the hotel anymore.

So now here we are… finally a permanent place to rest our heads. The dogs are with us and I am sure they will fatten up again soon. Eric is in Georgia right now and plans to be back soon with our furniture and other “stuff.” I have a job. It seems weird to go back to work after doing whatever you wanted for 3 months. But I realize that along with the perks of dog ownership comes responsibility, and we couldn’t have lived on the road forever.

We were missing the dogs and wanting them back, and that’s exactly what we got. They seem to be happy, but still boney. But they are getting lots of treats and love. And oh yeah, a much needed bath!

We’re still reeling from all the changes just in the past couple of weeks. It’s hard to tie ourselves down to commitment now that we have had a taste of true adventure, but this is what we wanted, at least for now. We are here for the next year, which is enough time for us to plan our next adventure.

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2 Responses to Traveler’s Update

  1. Carolyn says:

    Glad you have your girls. Where in Florida are y’all living?

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