wife and husband decide to quit their jobs, rent out the house, and pack up the car with camping gear and two dogs, headed for the wild west.

For more details on the members of the traveling circus, check out the cast of characters post.  More details on the back story, read the plan.


3 Responses to About

  1. Jonathan Drake says:

    saw your post at the debt guys site just now and wanted to invite you to

    we have a 5 acre organic/biodynamic farm in sw colorado
    it is also cohousing.
    feel free to contact me.

    We traveled the country for a year before settling here

  2. little w, the ringleader…what a great idea…i can’t wait to read about all your future endeavors…hoping you you, sir dad and the girls have a safe year long trip away from home…your journey sounds like it will be educational and entertaining…

    buenas suerte…christa…daughter of joan and peejay…sister to coco and gigi…

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